Is it True Man Smarter Than Woman? Differences Between Men and Women: Insights into Biological Variances

Men and Women Differences
Gender Variances in Thinking

Men and women are two very different creatures, especially in the way they think and perceive things. This notion has long been recognized as a truth, although not absolute. "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus," this phrase is undoubtedly familiar, once again indicating that men and women are indeed vastly different creatures.

But of course, without research and strong evidence, we cannot simply believe the stereotypes that exist in society, including those about the differences between men and women. There is a theory from a biological perspective that can support the opinion that men and women are indeed very different.

Research has found that, in terms of brain scans, women tend to use both sides of their brains because women have a wider corpus callosum (midbrain).

Meanwhile, men tend to use their left brains, which are responsible for logical and rational thinking. This is why men are said to more frequently use logic and reason rather than emotion and feelings compared to women. This reveals the reason behind the statement that men are creatures who tend to use their minds when facing something.

In addition to the above, there are 11 ways of thinking and acting that make men and women truly different creatures. Check them out below:

  1. Perception. Women have smaller brains but are more closely connected. This makes women more likely to perceive things from the situation that is happening and what is seen at that moment, which is then formed as a perception that is usually believed to be true. Whereas men's brain function tends to perceive things based on space and time (spatial) and follow a certain pattern in solving a problem.
  2. Way of Thinking. Women will be more capable of facing and solving several problems simultaneously, while men can only tackle and face one problem at a time. This may be due to the parenting system where men are only taught to focus on one task while women are forced to be able to handle several tasks simultaneously.
  3. Social Interaction. Women have better abilities in building social relationships with others in their environment compared to men. Women are more flexible in socializing, so they usually have more friends than men.
  4. Dealing with Emotions. Women have a wider limbic system in their brains, where one of the functions of the limbic system is to regulate and support emotional functions, so it is not surprising that women are more emotional than men. Whereas men are more likely to use their logic, are better able to control their emotions, and are not easily express their emotions verbally.
  5. Doing Mathematics. Men's brains have a larger parietal lobe than women's brains. The parietal lobe plays a role in mathematical and logical abilities, so it is not surprising that men tend to be better at mathematics than women.
  6. Dealing with Pain. The part of the human brain called the amygdala is responsible for pain in humans. This pain is active on both sides of the brain, with men on the right side and women on the left. The right side is more influenced by external stimuli (things that come from outside oneself) while the left side is more influenced by internal stimuli, so women are more likely to feel sad because almost everything they experience can cause their emotions to be more unstable.
  7. Learning Language. Women are easier and better at learning language and sounds, easier to remember what they hear, and more skilled at expressing their expressions and emotions verbally.
  8. Remembering Something. Women are better at remembering things like names, faces, and events because the hippocampus activity in the brain is more active than in men. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that plays a role in memory and spatial navigation. That's why we often hear the idiom that women always remember the promises made to them.
  9. Remembering Directions and Places. As mentioned above, men tend to be better at remembering things based on space and place, so men will also be better at remembering things geographically. They can more easily find directions and places without having to use directional aids like compasses and maps.
  10. Taking Risks. Naturally, men have a hunting instinct, so they will be more daring to take risks on something. When a man feels that there is a challenge to be faced, that's when the endorphin glands will be more active, making him feel happier.
  11. Seeing the Opposite Sex. Men are visual creatures, where they will be more attracted to something that looks beautiful to them. It is no wonder that men will be more interested in and choose their opposite sex based on their physical appearance. Whereas the way women are interested in their opposite sex is not only based on their physical appearance but also by considering and seeing other things such as personality, aspirations, and even body scent. 

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