Developing A Sustainable Agricultural Community, De Heus opens the fourth production site in Indonesia

de heus indonesia

Pasuruan, - On the 2 nd of November 2022, De Heus proudly celebrated the opening of its fourth production factory in Indonesia. This modern production facility enables De Heus to strengthen its market position and helps to develop a sustainable agriculture community in the region. It is located on 5-hectare lands in PIER Pasuruan, East Java, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 MT of feed.

The factory ranks among the most modern and sustainable feed production sites of the country. As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia population is projected to increase to 298 million people in 2030. In other words, the consumption of protein is expected to increase significantly in the future. To fulfil these needs, De Heus is ready to contribute to helping maintain the access to safe and healthy food for a population that continues to grow in a sustainable manner.

A Closer Look At The Sophistication Of Southeast Asia's Largest Dairy Farm In East Java

Since entering Indonesia in 2018, De Heus Indonesia has gone through a period of dynamic development. Traditionally, De Heus is committed to maintaining and reinforcing independent and future-proof entrepreneurship in livestock and aquaculture farming. By sharing knowledge and experience, amongst other, to farm management, biosecurity, hygiene, food safety and animal welfare, we support independent livestock, fish and shrimp farmers in Indonesia to progress in professionalization, upscaling, and profitability

Next, to continue and progress their farming business and strengthen their independent role in the supply chain, De Heus has developed into a partner of local micro, small, and medium enterprises throughout the supply chain both upstream to downstream.
de heus pasuruan

With the extraordinary growth of De Heus in Indonesia, Kay De Vreese, President Director of De Heus Indonesia, is delighted with this new factory. “With our presence in Indonesia, we have the responsibility to contribute to the nation, in its developments De Heus in Indonesia focuses on developing the Agricultural Community focusing on modernize, grow, care and sustainability. This modern factory has become one of our contributions, with machineries from Europe, fully automated and also digitalized system.”

Indonesia has a corn self-sufficiency program to maintain the national food security, coincide with the opening ceremony event, De Heus Indonesia supports the program through a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture in terms of corn usages. In addition, De Heus also will cooperate by working together with corn farmers through the association which are representing 35.000 corn farmers; youth millennial farmers (HKTI-Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia), Kelompok Tani Sinar Tani (Probolinggo, East Java) and Koperasi KTNA Mustika Tani Sejahtera (Blora, Central Java) to grow their business that includes procurement, empowerment, and development.

In this opening ceremony, De Heus also give ruminant feed donation for the farmers that affected by floods in Malang and Blitar, “We hope this donation will help the farmers that affected with the flood, we do this because we care about the livelihood of the farmers, their families and their communities.” added Kay.

De Heus Animal Nutrition contribute to the availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food in a sustainable manner. Through our products, knowledge, and experience, De Heus helps livestock and fish farmers progress worldwide. As a family-owned company, established in 1911 and a partner in animal nutrition for four generations. De Heus actively seek opportunities to create value and impact in the animal protein production chain.

De Heus has an experienced team of thousands of professionals, producing animal feed in more than 20 countries all over the world. Additionally, De Heus are active in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America by exporting concentrates and premixes. This is how De Heus contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. 

Since its entry into Indonesia in 2018, De Heus has been driving growth to become one of the country's largest and well-established animal feed producers. De Heus provides high-quality animal feed products and customer-centric services such as farm management, animal health, biosecurity, antibiotic reduction, and farm design consultancy. With the company’s strategic investments in genetics and an active role in value chain cooperation, De Heus contributes significantly to professionalising the independent livestock and aquaculture farming sector in Indonesia.(*)