Chery Introduces Mornine - The Next Generation Intelligent Robot

chery robot - As a company focused on consumer satisfaction, Chery is currently building a new consumer service ecosystem utilizing intelligent robots. At the upcoming global dealer conference on April 30, Chery will introduce Mornine, a bipedal robot powered by AI technology, a result of its collaboration with AiMOGA technology company. The collaboration between Chery and AiMOGA reflects both parties' commitment to driving innovation and improving quality of life through robotics technology.

"Mornine is a significant initial step in this innovation journey and is expected to pave the way for broader applications of robots in the future," said Rifkie Setiawan, Head of Brand Department, PT Chery Sales Indonesia.

Biomimetic Design with Large Language Models

Mornine, powered by electric motors and batteries, is designed using a biomimetic innovation approach. This intelligent robot can address human everyday challenges by mimicking patterns and strategies found in nature. This design makes Mornine appear more realistic with a silicone human-like face and the ability to simulate mouth and facial muscle movements. Mornine can walk at a speed of 4 kilometers per hour, showcasing remarkable progress in robotics technology.

Mornine's sophistication is also brought about by the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) for language understanding and generation capabilities. With this, Mornine can interpret verbal or written commands and answer professional questions in the automotive field.

Intelligent Robot for Consumer Services

Mornine opens up new opportunities to build innovative customer service ecosystems. Here are some application scenarios:

  • Information Provider and Product Advisor: Mornine can answer consumer questions about products, provide recommendations, and enhance service efficiency at sales centers and automotive showrooms.
  • Shopping Assistant: Mornine can navigate and guide consumers to product locations, demonstrate products, and assist in product handling tasks.
  • Household Assistant: Mornine can handle routine questions, provide reminders, assist in health management, support elderly care and children's education, and perform household chores.

Opening a New Era of Bipedal Robotics

Mornine comes with a more scalable and cost-effective design, making it ideal for mass production and commercialization. Mornine's sophistication brings a breath of fresh air from its predecessors, such as the iconic bipedal robot Atlas from Boston Dynamics, which excels in mobility and balance but still uses a hydraulic system.

Realizing Science Fiction with O-UNIVERSE

The soon-to-be-released robot is not Mornine's first appearance. Earlier this year, OMODA released a series of science fiction short films, with Mornine as one of the stars. These films were presented with Hollywood-class effects, featuring the O-UNIVERSE OMODA, a future ecology personalized by connecting real life and the virtual world, thus providing consumers with an experience beyond just cars.

This time, OMODA brings Mornine from the world of science fiction films into reality. This makes futuristic lifestyle fantasies more tangible. At the press conference held at the OMODA & JAECOO headquarters in Wuhu, China, Mornine will also interact directly with the attending guests. Through AI-driven interaction and immersive experience, participants will be able to fully appreciate the intelligent charm of this future species.

The launch of Mornine by OMODA & JAECOO gives us a glimpse into the foundation of future life. The O-UNIVERSE ecosystem created by OMODA has transformed vehicles from mere transportation modes into important mediums connecting all aspects of users' lives. With the refinement of this ecosystem, OMODA & JAECOO are ready to provide superior and personalized services, leading the automotive industry towards a multi-scenario and multi-domain future.(*)

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