5 Easy Ways to Save Electricity While Using Your AC at Home

Save Electricity While Using AC

Suarajatim.com - Electricity costs will never decrease, especially for those of us currently working from home (WFH), so it's important for us to be economical. But that doesn't mean sacrificing one of the comforts at home, such as using the AC. As long as you know how, you can save on electricity bills even while continuously using the AC.

Tips for saving electricity when using AC:

  1. Don't set the temperature below 22 degrees Celsius. Many people set the room cooling temperature to 16-18 degrees to make the room cool faster. However, this approach is entirely wrong because the AC compressor will work harder, resulting in more electricity consumption. Room temperatures in Indonesia are rarely at 16 degrees Celsius. So, the AC machine will operate more efficiently when it matches the room temperature. Typically, room temperatures in tropical regions like Indonesia are around 22 degrees Celsius.
  2. Ensure the room is tightly closed. The AC will try to adjust to the room temperature. When there are open spaces in the room, the AC will continuously strive to adjust the temperature. Therefore, make sure the room is completely closed when the AC is turned on. What about AC in open spaces, such as the living room? Especially for this case, of course, the AC will find it difficult to reach the average temperature because the room is more open and spacious. This condition also causes the AC to continuously work at maximum capacity.
  3. Clean the AC every 3 months. A dirty AC will affect the AC's performance. If the AC is dirty, the machine will need extra work to cool a room. Not only can it be wasteful of electricity, but your AC will also deteriorate quickly. Ideally, the AC at home should be cleaned regularly at least every three months. If within three months it still looks clean, it doesn't necessarily mean the inside is clean too.
  4. Ensure the room is dust-free. Dust is the main enemy of the AC. The cleanliness of the walls and the top of cabinets should be observed. If a lot of dust accumulates and is gradually sucked in by the AC, the machine will find it difficult to cool the air. When this happens, more electricity will be consumed.
  5. Give a pause when accidentally turning off the AC. Have you ever accidentally pressed the AC off button? What do you do next? If the answer is immediately pressing the button again to turn the AC back on, it's better to be more careful from now on. Whether consciously or not, this habit will make the AC prone to damage. The electrical voltage also becomes unstable because the machine is forced to turn back on immediately. If something like this happens, it's better to leave it for a while and then the AC can be turned on as usual.

Those are some ways we can keep electricity usage economical even when using AC at home. Have any experience in saving electricity while using AC? Share it in the comments section so other readers can learn too!