Merlion School Transforms into SIS Surabaya: A Gateway to 21st-Century Education

  • Merlion School has partnered with Singapore Intercultural School to revamp its entire management. Consequently, Merlion School will undergo a name change to become SIS Surabaya.

SIS Surabaya

Surabaya, – Merlion School Surabaya is undergoing a transformation in its entire management structure. By collaborating with Singapore Intercultural School (SIS), several changes will be implemented, ranging from curriculum, teaching staff, to financial systems.

Moreover, Merlion School will officially change its name to SIS Surabaya. In the future, the owners of Merlion School will no longer act as decision-makers but as an advisory board.

This was announced by Lilin Imam Rahardjo, Head of Foundation Merlion School. She hopes that this transformation will propel the school forward and deliver better educational quality, thus fostering a competent generation for the 21st century.

"So, for those who are currently enrolled as students at Merlion, parents need not worry because the old tuition fees will remain valid until graduation, with no changes. This is a commitment between SIS and Merlion. The new scheme only applies to new students who will begin enrolling this year," explained Lilin.

The average tuition fees to be applied at SIS Surabaya will range from 4,000 to 7,000 USD per year, equivalent to 61-107 million rupiahs per year.

SIS schools themselves are not new names in the field of education. Their presence is well-known in the Southeast Asian region. For over 25 years, SIS has been educating children in four countries through fourteen schools, including Jakarta, Malaysia, Myanmar, and South Korea.

Jaspal Sidhu, Founder & Chairman of SIS Group of Schools, stated that SIS focuses on developing skills required for the 21st century.

"SIS is known for its unique educational approach, global curriculum, and commitment to Active Learning," said Jaspal.

SIS Surabaya implements three world-renowned curricula, namely the Singapore Curriculum, Cambridge, and International Baccalaureate.

"Our unique programs, human resources, and facility investments in every school make SIS Surabaya the right choice for parents who want to provide global opportunities for their children," explained Jaspal.

The distinctive learning outcomes of SIS include perseverance, analytical thinking, communication and collaboration, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation.

The teachers at SIS undergo training in accordance with SIS standards, and the learning environment is carefully designed to be conducive and enjoyable for students.

"At SIS Surabaya, technology is not just an accessory but is fully integrated into the learning system, ensuring that graduates are prepared for the future," emphasized Jaspal.

Advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Robotics are integral parts of the learning experience, ensuring that SIS graduates are ready to face a future filled with technological advancements.

The excellence of SIS graduates has been recognized by prominent institutions such as the International Finance and Cooperation (IFC) World Bank and Capital Finance International (CFI) as transformative leaders in the field of education.

"SIS Surabaya is more than just a new school. It is a promising gateway to quality education in the community. Therefore, SIS Surabaya can be the path to an inspiring future for children," concluded Jaspal.