Two Bangladeshis deported

Two Bangladeshis deported

Jakarta, - The South Jakarta Special Class I Immigration Office for Non-TPI (Kanimsus Jaksel) Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of DKI Jakarta deported two foreign citizens from Bangladesh with the initials MD JRI and MI who were indicated to have provided incorrect information in obtaining their residence permits.

"MD JRI and MI were deported because they gave incorrect information regarding their residence permits," said Head of the South Jakarta Non-TPI Special Class I Immigration Office, Anggiat Napitupulu in Jakarta, Tuesday (01/03/2022).

Anggiat explained, Immigration with its multidimensional function, one of which is as a development facilitator, does not neglect to carry out its supervisory duties without exception, including foreigners who claim to be foreign investors (PMA).

Anggiat explained, in-depth checks will still be carried out on requests for ITAS issuance for PMA and reject the application if data is found that does not match.

"We also cancel the residence permit if there are violations or discrepancies in the data on the issued ITAS," explained Anggiat.

Meanwhile, the Head of Intelligence and Immigration Enforcement of the South Jakarta Kanimsus, Soesilo Sumedi added that it is important for foreigners to always convey true information while they are and have activities in Indonesian territory, especially when applying for a residence permit.

"The deportation of these two Bangladeshi foreigners began with suspicion during interviews and biometric recording for the process of issuing ITAS on behalf of MD JRI," said Soesilo.

According to Soesilo, the officer's suspicions were based on the data contained in the application file, that the location of the guarantor company, PT Hossain Niaga Internasional, was in a shopping center in the South Jakarta area.

"Through a field inspection carried out by officers, it was found that the address of the guarantor company did not match the address listed in the requirements file," explained Soesilo.

Meanwhile, further investigation results show that the company's bona fide as a PMA company is doubtful because it was found that the company in question is a clothing store.

"So those who directly sell products to consumers with capital that is not in accordance with the business scale listed in the company's deed of establishment," explained the former Head of Head of Trafficking at the Tanjung Perak Office.

Based on further examination of the guarantee company MD JRI, it was revealed that the company also guaranteed another Bangladeshi citizen with the initials MI whose Limited Stay Permit had been issued.

"Together with MD JRI, MI also underwent an administrative immigration check and it was found that the capital from MD JRI and MI was fictitious because it was never sent or transferred to the guarantor to be used as capital to run their business," concluded Soesilo Sumedi.

With the indication that the two Bangladeshi citizens have given incorrect information to obtain their residence permits, then based on the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 27 of 2014 concerning Technical Procedures for Granting, Extension, Refusal, Cancellation and Expiration of Visit Stay Permits, Limited Stay Permits, and Permanent Stay Permit and Exceptions from the Obligation to Have a Stay Permit, MD JRI is subject to article 50 paragraph (5) letter d in the form of rejection of the application for a residence permit and MI is subject to article 51 paragraph (1) letter d in the form of cancellation of the Limited Stay Permit he is currently holding.

Then, according to the Letter of the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights DKI Jakarta Number W.10-GR.07.02-55 dated February 21, 2022, the Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) on behalf of MI has been canceled. (*)