Hotel Near Mount Bromo, Grand WHIZ Now a Four-Star Class Hotel

hotel near mount bromoGrand Whiz Hotel Bromo

Probolinggo, - For domestic and foreign tourists, it is now very easy to find a comfortable and classy place to stay. Because now a hotel near Mount Bromo has been reopened with a four-star class to pamper visitors who are on vacation.

Intiwhiz Hospitality Management recently announced that one of its networks, namely Whiz Capsule Hotel Grand Bromo, has been rebranded to become Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo (Four Stars).

Located on Jalan Raya Bromo, Watulumpang Village, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency, this hotel has a capacity of 80 rooms, consisting of several types of categories, namely Superior, Deluxe, Villa and Capsule. Each room has a balcony with beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

In addition to the rooms inside, Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo also has five villa units within its property. Each villa has two bedrooms, a living room and terrace as well as a car garage.
villas near mount bromoA Row of villas at the location of Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo
As a four-star hotel, the comfort of guests is supported by facilities such as a restaurant, swimming pool, meeting rooms and Wifi throughout the hotel area.

Dany Budiman as Regional General Manager of Intiwhiz East Java said that this rebranding was carried out for the convenience of guests who came to enjoy tourism in the Bromo area which was increasing day by day.

"Although the location remains the same, now with a four-star class, the service will automatically increase according to four-star standards. We hope that we can provide service that is top of mind for tourists and can be the only four-star hotel in the Probolinggo district," said Dany during the inauguration of the Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo rebrand (15/12).

"We will really upgrade our human resources to provide the best, so that the market is satisfied with the services of Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo," he concluded.
typical food of tengger rice aronOne corner of the hotel's foodstall restaurant
At this hotel near Mount Bromo, guests will find a typical Tenggerese treat, namely Aron rice. Made from a mixture of corn served on a charcoal stove so that the aroma is fragrant. Complete with special chili sauce and beef prepared by a reliable chef.

Grand Whiz Hotel Bromo also provides tour packages in collaboration with the Bromo Jeep community. Almost all of the hotel's human resources are taken from local residents who are trained professionally according to four-star hotel standards for the convenience of guests.(*)