Exploring the Natural Wonders of Mount Galunggung: A Journey Through Beauty and Myth

mount galunggung's caldera

Suarajatim.com - Mount Galunggung is a stratovolcano (a cone-shaped volcano) with an elevation of 2,167 meters above sea level, or approximately 1,820 meters above the Tasikmalaya plain in West Java. The volcano, once reported to be active again, has since returned to normal conditions and is now safe to visit.

The history of Mount Galunggung, occupying an area of about 275 kilometers, includes several eruptions. It first erupted on October 18, 1882, and last erupted on April 5, 1982. According to vulcanological predictions, Galunggung is likely to become active again every 100 years. This means that, based on the last eruption, Galunggung could become active again in 2028, but only time will tell.

Despite all the disasters, Galunggung surprisingly boasts incredible natural tourism potential. The tourist attraction of Galunggung is located in the Sukaratu sub-district of Tasikmalaya City. The remaining crater of Galunggung has now become a vast and beautiful lake. In this location, there is also a river originating from the lake's infiltration, a tunnel cave leading to the Cibanjaran and Cikunir rivers.

There is also a mosque, rumored to be in the exact middle of the Galunggung crater lake in 1982. The mosque, which was originally in a relatively high area, is now situated inside the Galunggung crater lake. This can be witnessed by visitors to the natural tourist site.
mount galunggung tourism

For those with extra energy, you can descend to the crater floor and pray in the mosque, the origin of which cannot be traced.

However, it is not recommended for visitors to swim in the crater lake, not because of the heat, but due to a myth stating that the lake has no bottom. Perhaps because no one has dared to dive into it until now.

The view from the peak of Galunggung is breathtaking. From the top of Galunggung, at night, you can see the sparkling lights of Tasikmalaya city. To reach the peak of Galunggung, visitors must climb approximately 620 stairs.

During the journey to the summit of Mount Galunggung, you will feel the extraordinary power of the creator because of the beauty of the Ericaceous and Montane forest landscapes. The air around Mount Galunggung is cool, making it very suitable for family, friends, or colleagues' holidays.
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After the exhausting climb to the summit of Mount Galunggung, visitors can rest while enjoying the warmth of sulfuric water in the form of swimming pools or soaking rooms provided. With an entrance fee of Rp. 20,000, visitors can already enjoy the warmth of genuine sulfuric water flowing from the Galunggung crater.

Access to the Mount Galunggung natural tourist location can be directly reached from Tasikmalaya City, which is only 17 kilometers away. The road access is already smooth, although there are still some sections where the asphalt has peeled off due to the numerous sand-carrying truck mining activities taking place at Mount Galunggung.(*)