Eternal Youth and Natural Wonders: Exploring Sedudo Waterfall in Nganjuk City

Eternal youth myth Sedudo Waterfall - Nganjuk City, known as the city of winds, owes its moniker to the strategic location sandwiched between two mountains, Mount Wilis and Mount Kendheng. This geographical feature is responsible for the strong gusts of wind that sweep through the city.

Nganjuk is a small and quiet city, lacking the hustle and bustle of cities like Gresik, let alone its regional capital, Surabaya. However, in Nganjuk City, there are several captivating natural attractions worth visiting, one of which is Sedudo Waterfall located in Nglimah Village, Sawahan District, Nganjuk City, East Java. It is approximately 30 kilometers south of Nganjuk City.

Sedudo Waterfall is considered an icon of Nganjuk, attracting tourists to the city. Situated on the slopes of Mount Wilis at an elevation of 1,438 meters above sea level, Sedudo Waterfall stands at a height of 105 meters. Local residents believe that Sedudo Waterfall possesses supernatural powers.

The natural tourist destination of Sedudo Waterfall is always bustling with visitors, especially on weekends and during the month of Sura (Javanese calendar). According to local mythology, which dates back to the Majapahit Kingdom era, bathing in the waters of Sedudo Waterfall brings blessings of eternal youth.
Sedudo Waterfall Nganjuk

Whether one believes in it or not, the myth persists that bathing in Sedudo Waterfall brings the gift of eternal youth. Typically, during the Javanese New Year or 1 Sura, Sedudo Waterfall attracts pilgrims, including those participating in rituals to bathe the Parna Prahista statue.

The remaining water is then sprinkled for blessings of safety and eternal youth. This annual event has become a fixed agenda for the Nganjuk City government, not only to attract visitors from outside Nganjuk but also to maintain the cultural tradition.

In July 2015, Sedudo Waterfall was temporarily closed due to a landslide caused by irresponsible behavior of visitors. According to local tradition passed down through generations in Ngliman hamlet, visitors, especially those from outside Nganjuk, are always reminded not to engage in inappropriate actions at the Sedudo Waterfall location.

Who wouldn't want to appear forever young? The myth of eternal youth is a significant attraction for visitors to bathe in Sedudo Waterfall. The supposed benefits of the waterfall are even detailed on information boards along the footpath leading to the bathing area.

Additionally, Sedudo Waterfall is believed to have healing properties for various illnesses and to fertilize agricultural land. Consequently, many visitors collect water from the waterfall as a souvenir.

There are certain taboos that must be observed when vacationing at Sedudo Waterfall. Visitors are prohibited from engaging in immoral behavior at the waterfall location, taking home any found items, bringing back leftover bathing items such as soap and shampoo from home, and commenting on anything unusual observed at the Sedudo Waterfall location.

Failure to comply may result in unfortunate consequences, as emphasized by the local residents around Sedudo Waterfall.