Kiai Upas Spear Pusoko Carnival, the Heritage of Hamengkubuwono VI

the Heritage of Hamengkubuwono VITHE GRAND'S LEGACY - Hamengkubuwono VI's gift spear was carved in Tulungagung

Tulungagung, - The Pusoko carnival for the spear of Kiai Upas has just been held for the first time, you know that so far Pusoko in the form of a spear as a gift from Hamengkubuwono VI is stored neatly in Ndalem Kanjengan, Kepatihan Tulungagung village.

In the procession which was held on Monday, December 19, there were 2 other heirlooms that were accompanied by the Tumbak Kiai Upas Pusoko, namely Kiai Trisulo's Pusoko and Kiai Puspo's, which were the pusoko companions of Kiai Upas' tumbak since the first time the pusoko was brought to Tulungagung Regency.

Raden Mas Mufangat Notokusumo, Pusoko Tumbak kiau upas heir, said that the family and all the heirs have made it clear that the 6th Hamengkubuwono heirloom was handed over to the Tulungagung Regency Government.

With the hope that it can provide more benefits to the Tulungagung community, because since it was first given to their ancestors, the Pusoko has become the property of the Tulungagung Community.

"We, the family and all the heirs sincerely hand over this heirloom, without compensation or anything to the Tulungagung Regency Government," said Raden Mas Mufangat Notokusumo.
The Heritage of Hamengkubuwono VICarnival of three cultural heritage heritages, Kiai Upas Tumbak Pusoko, Trisulo Kiai Pusoko and Puspo Kiai
The carnival begins by parading the heirlooms out of Ndalem Kanjengan to the Tulungagung Regional Library and Archives Building, which is right next to Ndalem Kanjengan. Tulungagung Regent Syahri Mulyo appeared to be present with the deputy regent, as well as representatives of other regional leadership forums, then symbolically both of them accepted this heirloom and paraded it to the new location that had been prepared.

The Regent of Tulungagung, Syahri Mulyo, said that the handover of the Tumbak kiai Upas pusoko would make it easier for the local government to allocate a budget to preserve the culture of the Tulungagung people.

"This heritage is handed over to the regional government, the Regent is only a representative of the regional government. After this heirloom is handed over to the local government, I am sure that these social events or activities will definitely be bigger, because local governments have the authority to allocate budgets for things like this," said Syahri Mulyo.

The Regent hopes that, by being managed by the local government, events related to the Tombak Heritage of Kiai Upas can attract the attention of tourists from various regions and raise the name of Tulungagung.(*)