Nature Tourism, 500 People Contest to Catch Catfish

catch catfishHAPPY - All participants rejoice to catch thousands of catfish

Tulungagung, - Lately the return to nature movement is one of the movements that is increasingly becoming a trend in society, the saturation of modern life that is encountered every day makes the return to nature movement in demand by people of various walks of life.

In Tulungagung itself, the movement back to nature has been echoed by many communities, one of which is the Gunung Budheg Tourism Awareness Group community, Agus Utomo, the head of the group that initiated many activities at the Gunung Budheg Tourism Area, again held an activity that attracted a lot of public attention, namely catfish catching competition in the rice fields on Sunday, January 22, 2017 yesterday.

This catfish catching competition was able to attract the attention of the wider community, it was proven that the participants of this activity were not only the people of Tulungagung but also a number of tourists from Malang and Surabaya who happened to be spending their holiday enjoying the beauty of Mount Budheg.
catch the catfish contestThe excitement of the catfish catching competition
"This activity is to remind people of the importance of nature, and invite them all to be able to love nature, because nature and humans cannot be separated," said Agus Utomo when met by the coverage team.

For the activity of catching catfish this time, his party prepared 3 quintals of catfish and several catfish with jumbo size which can be obtained by any lucky participants.

"We provide about 3 quintals of catfish which are contested by 500 participants, we are not looking for first, second and third place winners, we will choose lucky participants who get ribbon catfish that have been released by the committee in the fields."

Agus explained that the enthusiasm of the community to get back close to nature is one way that can make it easier for their business together with tourism awareness groups to continue to invite people to participate in preserving nature. "Because without the participation of the community, preserving nature will not be easy to do," said Agus after the catfish catching competition.(*)