Nikita Mirzani Announces Divorce and Miscarriage in Live Instagram, Sparks Controversy

Nikita Mirzani Toni Dedola unmarried
Photo: Instagram Nikita Mirzani

Jakarta, - Nikita Mirzani is back with controversy. This time, she announced that she has divorced her husband, Antonio Dedola. She also revealed that her pregnancy only lasted for 7 weeks.

On April 29th, 2023, Nikita Mirzani did a live Instagram session where she attacked her former husband, Antonio Dedola. Their relationship became strained after Toni left Niki's house on Thursday, April 27th. Their secret marriage had only taken place three months ago on January 22nd, 2023. Niki admitted that she was already pregnant before Toni proposed to her. However, her pregnancy only lasted for 7 weeks.

During the live session, Niki didn't talk much about her pregnancy but instead, she expressed her dissatisfaction towards her former partner. Even though she still loves him and knows that he loves her, she was disappointed with Toni for taking her favorite Gucci backpack.

"I never said he was a thief, but why did he take my favorite Gucci backpack? It's the backpack that I always carry when I go out," she said.

Niki also mentioned that, thanks to her, Toni has gained many followers on Instagram and even received a verified badge. However, she believes that this won't last long as Toni will eventually lose everything because of his actions.

Furthermore, Nikita brought up their planned trip to the Maldives, which she had already prepared for. She even bought a ticket worth 45 million rupiahs ($3,000 USD) for Toni.

"In two months, we were supposed to go on vacation to the Maldives. I've already booked everything, but it's okay if we cancel it. But if you're a gentleman, you already have the ticket. It cost me 45 million rupiahs, and that's my money," she said.

Toni responded to Niki's statements through his Instagram story on his account @toni.dedola. He provided his version of the facts.

"I'm currently in Germany. I can ignore people's comments, but I will still speak out so that everyone knows her (Nikita's) behavior when she's not in front of the camera," he wrote.

He didn't accept being accused of theft for taking the backpack, sweater, and bracelet. He claimed that they were gifts from Niki, and he had been using them for a long time. Toni revealed that he was once a police officer in Germany, so it was impossible for him to commit a criminal act.

Toni also shared how he took care of Niki's three children while she was in prison for a while. He said that if he intended to steal, he should have taken everything with him at that time, but he didn't.

Toni also accused Niki of distorting the facts. "Did she also tell you that she hit me that day? She punched, kicked, and threw things at my head and body, and did all sorts of things," he wrote.

Toni also showed that he had divorced Niki through WhatsApp chat. He also showed proof that he had been sending money to Niki ranging from 11 million to 92 million rupiahs. He also revealed that he paid for their trip to Legoland a while ago.

Shortly after, Niki uploaded a photo of a pair of luxury Rolex watches on her Instagram account. In the caption, she mentioned that she had ordered them as a surprise birthday gift for Toni, but she left before they arrived.

Netizens flooded the comments section with both support and criticism. One netizen advised her to reflect on her behavior since the ending of her relationships always seemed to be the same. Another netizen called Niki a great woman and urged her to move forward.(*)