The Kebo Ketan Ceremony and Celebration

kebo ketan ceremony - Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, along with Kraton Ngiyom and the Ngawi Regency Government, will hold the Kebo Ketan IV Ceremony on November 8th and 9th, in Sekaralas Village, Widodaren, Ngawi, East Java. Kraton Ngiyom is a community-based organization that works in the field of "impactful events" with the motto "Antidote to Divide et Impera Poison."

Last year's Kebo Ketan theme was "Let's Pray for Happy Indonesia", while this year's theme is taken from the lyrics of the Indonesian national anthem, "Awareness of the Heart and the Mind." The ceremony is directed by a team consisting of Bramantyo Prijosusilo, Godeliva D Sari, Denny Dumbo, Farid Yudha, Giyono DhatNyenk, and Gimbal Thoyib Bukhoeri.

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The Kebo Ketan Ceremony is a celebration of the manifestation of "rahmatan lil alamin," by caring for the forest and water sources, especially Sendang Margo and Sendang Ngiyom in Alas Begal, Ngawi. The ceremony is said to be aimed at revitalizing folk art and promoting diversity. "This is the year-round mission of Kraton Ngiyom," says Bramantyo, in a press release.

This year's Kebo Ketan ceremony will feature new music styles such as Keroncong Jathilan, also known as Kronjal, and Reog Mahesa Nempuh. The Kronjal music was created by Denny Dumbo in collaboration with the Keroncong Kinasihan group from Kedunggalar and the DhatNyenk campursari group from Sekaralas. The music is aimed at creating a product with the potential to penetrate the global market.
kebo ketan celebration

Reog Mahesa Nempuh is a new addition to this year's ceremony, which is more magical and complex than before. Instead of one Barongan Reog character as in previous years, there will be two Barongan Reog characters this year, as well as a buffalo mask inspired by the Balinese Barong and the Reog Ponorogo, created by Bramantyo Prijosusilo and Gimbal Thoyib Bukhoeri. Interestingly, all the players who will perform in the Reog are still very new to the theater.

Another new feature of this art ceremony is the Kebo Ketan character itself. In the past, the Kebo Ketan was gray-black like a real-life buffalo, but this year, to foster creativity, the Kebo Ketan will be painted by Samuel Indratma, a pioneer of community mural art in Yogyakarta.

The ceremony will begin on Friday, November 8th, at around 4:00 pm with "Guyangan Sang Kebo Ketan" at the Sekaralas Old House, which will be sanctified with the Losari Cirebon mask dance by Nani Dewi Sawitri. In the evening, the Ketoprak Puspa Budaya group from Ngawi will perform a story about Sendang Marga and Sendang Ngiyom at the Sekaralas Village Field.
kebo ketan parade

The next day, which is the peak of the ceremony, the Reog Ponorogo Desa Sekaralas will perform and parade around the village from morning until evening. There will also be a cultural speech by Prof Mahfud MD from the Ideology Development Board for Pancasila and KH Dr. Marsudi Syuhud, the Chairman of PBNU.

In anticipation of the implementation of UKK 2019, an ArtCamp will be held in Sekaralas Village on November 5, 6, and 7.

The ArtCamp is specifically intended for invited guests, but it is also open to the public. Anyone can participate as long as they coordinate with the committee and pay for their own accommodation and consumption.

In addition, there will be an Instagram photo contest with the theme of UKK 2019. Each participant is requested to include the hashtag #UPACARAKEBOKETANFOTO2019 in their post. Each post that receives more than 100 Likes will be considered by the judges. The winner will receive UKK merchandise from Kanjeng Ratu Kidul and Kraton Ngiyom.(*)